28 Oct

The cool kid in the block

Lord Shiva is really popular now-a-days. As the meditating, weed puffing and musically inclined God, he is a rave amongst the millennials. Not that his eccentrics is not cool. But he is certainly more than what youngsters assume him to be.

He is Mahadev for a reason. And here we list out the reasons that make Lord Shiva, the coolest lord of lords.


Lord Shiva is everyone’s God. No, really we mean it. He does not discriminate between his devotees. Whether you are a mere mortal, a powerful king or a demon lord, Lord Shiva will bless you with his boons as long as you devote yourself to him whole heartedly.

The silent angry man

Lord Shiva is all of us. In that he does not have an out of the world personality which we can only hope to achieve.  Rather he has a personality each one of us can relate to. He is sometimes silent (during his meditative state), angry (Rudra), a lover, lets his hair down while dancing and gets intoxicated at times. What is there to not love about him?

The rule breaker

Another factor that makes Lord Shiva cool is the fact that he does not follow any rules. Rather he makes the rules and bends them at his own will. With matted dreadlock hair, a loin cloth and ashes smeared on his body, he is not exactly a fashion icon. And yet he is fashionable. Moreover, the ashes on his body speak of a greater significance-the permanence and temporariness of life.

An epic lover

A combination of the spiritual with the erotic makes Lord Shiva the epitome of a good lover and husband. He not only loves his wife Sati and later Parvati, but also respects her and her desires. He considers her to be his other half, literally. Hence, he is also known as Ardhanareshwar for he is the epitome of the perfect balance of the masculine with the feminine. An unabashedly androgynous God, what more can we ask for?

Knowledge is power

The regressive tandem of the world has made Lord Shiva even more cool and important than before. His Nataraja form, although that of a dancer is actually an upholder of knowledge. He did the Tandav dance to crush Apasmara (the dwarf of ignorance) so as to keep him and in extension ignorance subdued in this world. The crusader of knowledge; if we must say.

More than anything else, Lord Shiva in his austere state represents oneness with life. It is this calm attached detachment along with dreadlocks to fawn over that makes him the coolest God ever. You can also imbibe the blessings and energy of this cool god with the Narmadeshwar Shiva Linga. These holy stones are blessed by Lord Shiva himself and having it around you will raise your level of consciousness and overall well-being. You can buy your own Narmadeshwar Shiva Linga here.

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