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Rare Narmadeshwar Shivling for Third eye chakra.  The very Banalinga is looking like a third eye of Lord Shiva.

Highly  recommend for Shivling puja and those who do chakra meditation.

The one who knows about this Shivling, knows about it. 

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Third eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra transcends time.
Third eye Chakra is said to be located near brain, at the brow, above the base of the nose.

Thied eye Agya chakra is making one to see both the inner and outer worlds, the energy of the third eye chakra allow to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation, self reflection etc.

The energy of 3rd eye chakra allows to access inner guidance that comes from the depths of innet being, to access deeper truths, to see beyond the mind, beyond the words.

Shivalinga and Third eye Chakra Meditation

Linga meditation brings you closer to the Lord you believe, if you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, the Creator of the Universe.
Linga meditation is a special something that you have to practice. Shivalinga meditation makes you feel closer to Shiva.

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